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To bring back joy into the lives of children who have lost that joy, that is the ambition of Enfants de cœur.
"Enfants de cœur" showcases associations working for these children and helps them to realise their objectives by offering our resources - this is what sets us apart.
"The association serving associations helping children."
This love for children, this inner energy that spurs us onwards to brighter paths, faith in the beauty of life - I share this with a wonderful, talented, generous team.
With them, with you, together we can do something for children who are suffering.
Let's give a helping hand to destiny for a more radiant future; let's look further, climb higher, and "reach for the stars."

Denys Guilloud
Founder President of "Enfants de Coeur"


Some volunteers in contact with different children's charities noticed that many of them suffered from a lack of communication means and skills. Despite their remarkable work in the field, this handicap means that they are not able to make themselves known, hindering their development. Enfants de Cœur, a non-profit association, offers their resources in response to this need. It was created February 26, 2002, at Vienne in the French department of Isère.


A little adopted girl asked her new mother about her origins. She answered with this message of love. "Tu es mon enfant de cœur" (you are the child of my heart, homonymous with enfant de chœur, altar boy or girl.)
We named our association "Enfants de Cœur" in remembrance of that story.


Enfants de Cœur has set itself the goal of creating, organizing and supporting all types of activities: cultural, athletic ... within and outside of France, for the benefit of associations helping children with special needs aged 0 to 18 years, particularly children suffering from chronic afflictions, disabled children, abused children ...


For each campaign, the associations helped by Enfants de Cœur are carefully selected based on the quality of their work, their dynamism and their motivation.


"Enfants de Cœur" is a non-profit association. Its income is derived from donations and its institutional and economic partnerships.
Funds received are used to bring to fulfillment campaigns organised by Enfants de Cœur and to ensure its continuity. The profits derived are paid to selected beneficiary associations.
As a guarantee of financial transparency, the accounts of the association are submitted every year to an audit by a cabinet of chartered accountants, in compliance with regulations defined by the French Association of Chartered Accountants.


L'intégralité des publications, illustrations et documents hébergés sur ce site sont protégés par un copyright.
Vous disposez d'un droit d'accès, de modification, de rectification et de suppression des données vous concernant
(loi "Informatique et Libertés" du 6 janvier 1978)